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We asked our Elliot Hammer, Head of Employment Department for his top 5 frequently asked questions about legal crowd funding your employment law matter. 

“Legal Crowd Funding can be used to raise legal fees quickly for your employment law matter”

Elliot Hammer, Head of Employment Department

Top 5 FAQs

  1. Will I be able to raise money for my employment law matter through legal crowd funding?

Yes, anybody can raise money for legal fees through legal crowd funding. Our specialist employment law solicitors can guide and assist you in the process.  We have years of experience of helping clients raise funds for their legal fees. 

  • How much can I raise for my employment law matter through legal crowd funding?

There is no limit on the amount you can raise. Our specialist employment law solicitors can help you set a target so that you can raise enough money to fund your employment law matter. 

  • Are any employment law matters exempt from Crowd Funding? No, all employment law matters can benefit from Crowd Funding such as WhistleblowingSex Discrimination, Equal Pay Claims, Race Discrimination, Unfair Dismissal and Constructive Unfair Dismissal. 
  • Do I set up my Crowd Funding page before instructing your specialist employment law solicitors?  It is up to you. We can guide you in setting up and drafting your Crowd Funding webpage after instructions or you can set up your webpage and see if you can raise funds before instructing us. 
  • What is the best way of getting support for your Legal Crowd Funding? The best way is to actively promote your legal crowd funding webpage through social media. 

Legal Crowd Funding can help solve one of the most difficult parts of an employment matter – finding legal funding

Sheida Zeinali, Solicitor

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