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Residential conveyancing is often perceived as simple but it is often the largest investment that most of us will make. Whether it’s your first home or you’re a seasoned investor, our team of residential conveyancing solicitors will help you to navigate the legalities of both buying and selling.

Our residential conveyancing solicitors in London take the time to find out the context of each transaction and each client’s aims, objectives, and timescales. At Branch Austin, we provide the level of service and expertise required to match the unique requirements of each case.

Expert Services From Residential Conveyancing Solicitors

There are three stages to all sales and purchases:


  1. Pre-contract – when the investigations are carried out, usually taking around 4-6 weeks.
  2. Exchange of Contracts – when the buyer and seller become committed to proceed with the sale/purchase and a deposit is paid by the buyer with the date for completion set.
  3. Completion – when the balance of the purchase price and any additional monies are paid, any mortgages owed by the seller are repaid and the property is legally transferred to the buyer usually around 4 weeks after the exchange.


In all three stages of residential conveyancing, our approach is thorough. If there is a problem, we want to find it and have it resolved before the purchase is made.

Our Approach To Purchases

On all purchases, pre-contract, we will perform any relevant investigations and enquiries into the property and prepare a report for you. Our residential conveyancing solicitors in London will then finalise the contracts and prepare them for your signature. 

Once both parties are ready and completion dates have been agreed upon, our solicitors will support the exchange of contracts. 

After an exchange of contracts, we will then provide you with a statement of the money required to complete and handle the legal documentation required for the completion, including Stamp Duty Land Tax (SLDT). 

After the completion, our residential conveyancing solicitors will submit the SDLT return to HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf, make payment of the SDLT monies you have given to us and attend to the registration of your title at the Land Registry.

  • 'I have used BA (previously LSGA) for many years for a variety of issues. In particular, I have recently used the Conveyancing services of Rashida Zakir and she has been excellent in all respects. Efficient, quick (one completion from identification in 3.5 weeks!) responsive, helpful and always executes!'

    Franco Cassar
  • 'I have sought assistance from Branch Austin (previously LSG and LSGA) on a number of issues. My association dates back to 2010 and working with Mr Hal Branch and his team has always been a great pleasure. They provide solid, sound advise, are very responsive and professional indeed. We have always been successful in our cases and this is down to really professional and capable team. Highly recommended!'

    Nangu Teali
  • 'I have used their sales conveyancing service and advise on few teething legal issues. I am very pleased with the way they conduct themselves, especially Rashida, she has always acted in professional manner and most importantly picked up the phone when I needed her. Great service. would definitely recommend.'

    Archie Sumovskij
  • 'Hal Branch saved the day as my first divorce solicitor was very poor. He finalised my divorce in 2 weeks where my previous solicitor hadn’t made any real progress in the previous 2 years. He gives advice in a language that can actually be understood and promptly replies to any enquiry. Overall very happy and everyone I dealt with at the firm were very friendly and professional.'

    Jamie McCallister

Our Approach To Sales

When it comes to sales, a large part of our communication is to ascertain if there are any issues that need to be taken into account. 

Pre-contract, our residential conveyancing solicitors will prepare a legal pack for the property which includes official copies of the registers of the title, title plan and sales contract. We will work with you to reply to the relevant Property Information forms and deal with any enquiries from the buyer’s investigations. 

Once both parties are ready and completion dates have been agreed upon, our solicitors will support the exchange of contracts. 

After an exchange of contracts, our solicitors will provide you with a statement of the money that will be due to you on completion. We will also provide the buyer’s conveyancers with a statement of the money required on completion and arrange for you to sign the documents required for the legal transfer of the property.

We will also attend to the completion, completion monies and key release.

Residential Conveyancing Services For Mortgage Lenders

If you have a mortgage lender, there is additional work required on purchases relating to the mortgage offer, mortgage deed, reporting to the mortgage lender and carrying out additional searches. As residential conveyancing solicitors, we are able to help you navigate this process.

On a sale, the mortgage must be repaid on or before the completion date. Additional work is involved in liaising with the lender on the amounts due to be repaid, how to make repayments and supplying evidence of the repayments being made, as well as the discharge of the mortgage at the Land Registry. 

Generally, our residential conveyancing solicitors will be acting for the lender individually but it may be the case that the lender is represented by a different firm, in which case additional fees will be incurred.

Why Choose Branch Austin As Your Residential Conveyancing Solicitors In London?

At Branch Austin, we understand that the legalities surrounding the buying and selling of residential property can be complex and challenging. As such, our expert solicitors will provide you with regular updates throughout your engagement with us so as to ensure that you feel informed and up to date at all stages. 

As a boutique law firm, we pride ourselves on offering services that are personable, approachable and efficient – we will always strive to meet your specific needs.

With years of experience as residential conveyancing solicitors, we are well versed at protecting our clients. Our team carries out all appropriate identity and residence checks against our clients in accordance with regulations surrounding Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Client requirements. We also require the conveyancers acting for sellers to do the same to protect our clients against fraud. 

Our residential conveyancing services do not include advice on tax (except for the SDLT payable on completion of the purchase), the laws of any jurisdiction other than England, any commercial or strategic decisions which you may make, accountancy or other financial or environmental matters affecting the property.

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